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Hi, my name is Renee and I'm an artist from Birmingham, Alabama.

For as long as I can remember I have been creating art out of whatever I could find. I was raised by creative parents and my father introduced me to woodworking. So my art was born out of my love for reclaiming and upcycling materials. I believe that anything old can be reclaimed and made new again for everyone to enjoy and that is what motivates my art and my custom furniture creations.

Reclaimed wood is my preferred canvas, though I've used all kinds of reclaimed materials. Depending on the piece I'll carve, paint, stain, refinish, seal, and more to create distinctive pieces featuring a broad array of subjects.

You can see my art in and around Birmingham in places such as Avondale Brewing Company, Melt, and the Painted Shovel. I have also been a featured artist at West Elm.

In addition to the art, I make custom furniture pieces ranging from the practical to the whimsical. I've upcycled pallets into a couch, turned an old console television cabinet into a shabby chic wine bar, and much more. Keep your eyes open for what new “old” materials will turn up in my work next!

"If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change."
- Wayne Dyer

My First Art Show, at Little Savannah main blog post image
17 Mar 2016

My First Art Show, at Little Savannah

I’m so excited to have my first "Art Opening". I have had my work in around town for years, but to have an actual event is fantastic. It has been crazy busy, but great getting ready for it. The fact that Little Savannah wants to show my work in the restaurant is just incredible. The owner, management, and staff are fantastic. I am truly honored to a part of their Birmingham experience.

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TEDxBirmingham Invited Me to be a Speaker main blog post image
11 Mar 2016

TEDxBirmingham Invited Me to be a Speaker

Talk about a wild ride, this has been one and it’s not over yet. From writing the talk, to memorization and beyond to conversational, to rehearsals, this has been an adventure. I have a fantastic coach (Glenny Brock – past TedX speaker) who has waived her magic wand and helped me so much to not only turn my talk into something that I am very proud of, but to turn herself into a very dear friend. During this process I have learned that there truly isn’t anything I can’t do, I just have to figure out how.

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HauntCon 2016 Was a Ton of Fun! main blog post image
18 Jan 2016

HauntCon 2016 Was a Ton of Fun!

HauntCon 2016 was a blast! I made lots of new friends and can't wait till next year. My educational demonstration went great, nothing but positive feedback. Click on the "Read More" button to see some pictures from the event as well as some resources like a recipe and the talk handout.

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I'm Teaching an Educational Demonstration at HauntCon 2016! main blog post image
18 Jan 2016

I'm Teaching an Educational Demonstration at HauntCon 2016!

I'm going to be teaching an Educational Demonstration at HauntCon this year and I don't think it's possible to be more excited about it. HauntCon describes them as messy and technical seminars with artisans sharing techniques and methodologies for Tips and Tricks to make your attraction better. My demonstration is entitled "Out with New and in with the Old: How To Give Props New Life" where I'll be showing how to save money by upcycling / reclaiming what you already have laying around. Combine parts and pieces to create new props.

Read More is Now a Reality! main blog post image
17 Jan 2016 is Now a Reality!

Introducing the official, with this brand new (and amazing) website I will now be able to post current art and/or furniture creations, as well as upcoming events. A huge thank you to for the wonderful design and custom build of my website it's even going to let me share to all kinds of social media sites (some I have never heard of) . . .

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